Nordic organic food imported to China​​


​Organic Food Centre Opening

​​Company to open Chinese mouths for Danish organic food

Exporting organic food to China is complicated. Organic certification and permits are complex to obtain and require constant renewal. This makes the system difficult to navigate, and expensive for small scale producers. A new company located with Copenhagen Science City-partner Copenhagen Bio Science Center (COBIS) hopes to make it easier and cheaper to sell Danish organic food to the Chinese.

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Danish Chinese Organic Food

​Danish-Chinese Organic Food Center (DCOFC) aims to facilitate and promote Nordic organic food access and export onto the Chinese market as a third party platform.

DCOFC is dedicated to generate value for Danish organic food producers and exporters who seek to engage the Chinese market. Furthermore, the center also promotes mutual communication and collaboration within the organic agriculture industry and the food production industry. By creating a mutual beneficial connection of knowledge sharing between Denmark and China, sustainable technology and research solutions will reach new heights.​

Danish-Chinese Organic Food Center A/S

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