Organic Food Centre Opening

Company to open Chinese mouths for Danish organic food

Exporting organic food to China is complicated. Organic certification and permits are complex to obtain and require constant renewal. This makes the system difficult to navigate, and expensive for small scale producers. A new company located with Copenhagen Science City-partner Copenhagen Bio Science Center (COBIS) hopes to make it easier and cheaper to sell Danish organic food to the Chinese.

The company, Danish-Chinese Organic Food Center, opened its offices at a ceremony in September. Member of Parliament , Ms. May-Brit Kattrup, Deputy Director General of Registration Department of CNCA in China, Mr. Huang Bin and Economic Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Denmark, Mrs. Zhang as well as Søren Tegen Pedersen, director in the City of Copenhagen were present to support the center.

”The cooperation on organic industry between China and Denmark has been long and pragmatic, Danish organic food in Chinese market is welcomed which will provide more alternatives for Chinese consumers. 

We sincerely hope that through the platform of Danish-Chinese organic food center, we are able to improve the cooperation on organic area between two sides in terms of certification, R&D as well as market, facilitate the organic products trade between two sides, and finally achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation in organic industry field between China and Denmark.” said Mr. Huang Bin, Deputy Director General of Registration Department of CNCA in China.

​The newly appointed CEO of Danish-Chinese Organic Food Center, John Liu, has chosen Copenhagen Science City and COBIS due to the convenient location close to research and development resources in an attractive part of Copenhagen.

“Besides working strategically on the certification process, we are planning to use the proximity to the University of Copenhagen, the Metropolitan University College and Rigshospitalet University of Copenhagen, to set up research and development projects focusing on organic babyfood”, says John Liu, CEO of Danish-Chinese Organic Food Center, who had been working both in Chinese organic food certification center and Danish Embassy in Beijing with many years experiences in the field of imported and organic food field.

The retail market for processed organic food in China had a value of over 4 billion US dollars in 2015. It is projected to rise with more than 15 % per year, making it the world’s fourth largest market for organic food. Only a few large Danish food producers have certificates for exporting organic products to the Chinese market. The Danish-Chinese Organic Food Center hopes to expand the number of companies with access to the growing market, not least smaller producers.

A major expense for organic food exporters is on-site inspection by Chinese authority representatives. Danish-Chinese Organic Food Center hopes to be able to cut costs by bundling inspections to several sites in each inspection trip and by streamlining the process and associated costs.​

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